Field Elementary


Features at a glance

Foreign language instruction

An organic garden on campus

Special Olympics program

Ecology and environment learning programs

School-based sports and athletics clubs

A quality preschool school

Parent involvement programs, including a parent center

Wellness programs and onsite wellness coordinator

Safe and inclusive anti-bullying leadership programs

Community and business partnerships

Before and after school care

Additional Visual and Performing Arts clubs, partnerships, and opportunities

Gifted and Talented Education

Integrated project-based learning


Performing Arts

Visual Arts

Field Elementary is not just a school community, we are a family! When you come to Field Elementary, you know you are a part of something very special.

Whether our students are in the Spanish Dual Immersion program or the English-Only program, they are getting an excellent, multi-cultural and well-rounded education in a nurturing environment that promotes global citizenship, empathy and respect for everyone.


Every student receives art taught in either English or Spanish, depending on the program they are enrolled in.

The art, garden and cooking classes at Field Elementary are top notch! Every student gets to enjoy learning science and math through cooking and gardening, and an amazing art education from our bilingual art teacher.


Field Elementary is a small yet "mighty" school with an enrollment of approximately 320 students in grades TK4 through 5th. As a result of being a smaller school, our teachers get to know our Field students and families very well. Those close relationships that are formed allow us to work closely as a "school family" to develop and foster a life-long love of learning. We have earned the unique distinction of a "Quality School" in every neighborhood by San Diego Unified School District.

Additionally, we have been named by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation as one of "America's Healthiest Schools." Field has so many wonderful opportunities for enrichment and growth and it is a special place to BE. It's a place where all are welcome to reach their personal and academic goals in a nurturing and empowering setting.


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