About Us

About Us

San Diego Unified School District

Across San Diego Unified, there are neighborhood schools that put the health and safety of all students as their number one priority.

Beyond strong academics and top-notch teachers, the foundations of a San Diego Unified education include:

  • access to the arts and music in every school

  • advanced technology

  • offering every student access to a laptop computer

  • scholarship-level athletics in high school

  • a focus on health and wellness at every grade

  • an education in leadership and civic responsibility

San Diego Unified schools look dramatically different than they did even a few years ago.

Thanks to strong support from local communities, San Diego Unified is in the midst of an $8.4 billion renovation program to upgrade every school in the district.

Many schools feature state-of-the-art performing arts spaces, technology labs and athletic facilities. Students also have access to their own laptop computers.

These are the commitments made to all students and to every family. San Diego Unified encourages parents to be partners in the education of their children and 95 percent of the schools have a PTA, a parent-led foundation, or a parent center for families to meet regularly.

Please consider this guide an invitation to connect with your neighborhood school.