Euclid Elementary


Features at a glance

School-based sports and athletics clubs

A quality preschool school

Wellness programs and onsite wellness coordinator

Safe and inclusive anti-bullying leadership programs

Community and business partnerships

Before and after school care

Gifted and Talented Education

Welcome to Euclid, an exciting and diverse school with a proud heritage. We've been the heart of East San Diego for over a century!

 Today's Euclid is a learning community where everyone takes responsibility for student achievement, academic proficiency, social awareness and emotional stability. We work together to ensure that our students become successful leaders and lifelong learners.

We take the concept of learning community literally. Our parents, volunteers and supporters get involved with our students in activities and learning. With the help of our community we have activities that help our children flourish including the Rainforest Art Program and Ocean Discovery

Our learning community is incredibly mixed, including Burmese, Indochinese, Korean, Chinese, Somali, Ethiopian, and Mexican and Central American families.

And every morning, all of these children start their learning day gathering around the flagpole and pledge allegiance to the American flag, for many of them, the symbol of their new homeland. We welcome you to come see Euclid in action.


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Euclid Elementary
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