Green Elementary


Features at a glance

An organic garden on campus

School-based sports and athletics clubs

Parent involvement programs, including a parent center

Support from a Military Family Life counselor

Wellness programs and onsite wellness coordinator

Safe and inclusive anti-bullying leadership programs

Before and after school care

Additional Visual and Performing Arts clubs, partnerships, and opportunities

Gifted and Talented Education

Integrated project-based learning

Green Elementary is an Academic and Athletic Magnet school in the San Carlos community of San Diego. We offer daily, vigorous exercise to create a sound mind and sound body. We expect and deliver excellence in character development, education, and a healthy lifestyle.

Superior academic instruction, physical education, a variety of fine arts experiences, and a multitude of after school activities including sports, and community building activities create students focused on being intelligent, healthy, well-rounded leaders of the future where Academics + Athletics = Success!


Each school day morning, the entire school gathers in the courtyard to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, say the Green School Peace Pledge, and hear daily announcements from the Principal. Some days are devoted to announcing Running Club miles accumulated by the students and teachers, others are to celebrate the students who "got caught" displaying great character at school. It's a GREAT GREEN way to start the day!

Green offers a wide variety of programs to meet our mission and foster a fully developed child, including...

  • Morning running club on our new track!
  • Opportunities to learn and research topics such as nutrition, physiology. exercise, and health
  • Nurturing scholars program (K-2)
  • Choral music (grades K-5); instrumental music (grades 4-5)
  • Art instruction (grades K-5)

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Green Elementary
7030 Wandermere Dr
San Diego,CA92119