Ibarra Elementary


Features at a glance

A quality preschool school

Parent involvement programs, including a parent center

Wellness programs and onsite wellness coordinator

Safe and inclusive anti-bullying leadership programs

Community and business partnerships

Before and after school care

Additional Visual and Performing Arts clubs, partnerships, and opportunities


Performing Arts

Visual Arts

Welcome to Ibarra, where every student is a star. Ours is a new school that opened in 2005 in the heart of the Colina del Sol neighborhood in San Diego's City Heights.

Ibarra is a single-track, year-round school educating 600 students from grades kindergarten through 5th grade. We also offer our community even more educational resources, providing a state preschool program on campus that helps more than 45 children become ready to start school.

Our family-friendly school offers more resources for busy parents. Our PrimeTime Extended School Day Program offers care and supervision for students both before and after school. The PrimeTime program is staffed by trained professionals from Social Advocates for Youth (SAY), San Diego.

We are truly a neighborhood school filled with diversity on a global scale. Virtually all of our students come from the surrounding community. Our special education program attracts students from all over the district.

Many of Ibarra's students are in the process of becoming fluent in English, and our dedicated teachers have created resources and special programs to help our students. Come see Ibarra in action!

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Ibarra Elementary
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