Johnson Elementary

Johnson school

Features at a glance

A quality preschool school

Parent involvement programs, including a parent center

Wellness programs and onsite wellness coordinator

Safe and inclusive anti-bullying leadership programs

Community and business partnerships

Before and after school care

Gifted and Talented Education

Integrated project-based learning

We reach for the stars at Henry C. Johnson Elementary. We are a unique magnet school for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and a NASA Explorer School.

Centrally located in the Emerald Hills community, we have more than a half-century of tradition behind us. We continue to grow and expand with ambitious building plans now underway thanks to the voter-approved Prop MM funds, along with the Magnet School Assistance Program grant.

We provide a stimulating and rigorous curriculum to ensure grade level proficiency. Our high expectations foster strong academic excellence. Addressing the needs of the whole child is critical. Our teaching reflects this belief, while strengthening the understanding of STEM. This year a student team will investigate lunar habitats, present their results to NASA staff and participate in the NASA Design Challenge in Florida.

Steeped in a tradition of high expectations, achievement and perseverance, our staff and faculty remain stable. We demand a high level of learning for our students and ourselves. Before innovative teaching can take place in the classroom, innovative learning must take place among the staff. With this understanding, we enhance traditional training with partnerships that support learning.

Diversity is highly valued, respected and demonstrated throughout our curriculum, activities and school programs. Johnson is a place where children feel safe and valued. Our students express pride in their school, teachers, and more importantly, in themselves. That is the legacy of the Johnson Magnet School for STEM. Come see us in action!

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Johnson Elementary
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