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Every San Diego Unified high school offers college and career pathways aimed at preparing students for a successful future. Pathway programs provide students opportunities to integrate rigorous academics and high quality career technical education courses focused on high-skill, high-wage, and high-growth fields. Pathway programs combine quality classroom instruction, student support, and work-based learning experiences to emphasize both college and career preparation. To begin preparing even the youngest learners to be successful in high school and beyond, neighborhood elementary and middle schools may offer classes aligned with the pathways emphasized by their local high school.

Arts, Media, & Entertainment Icon
Arts, Media, & Entertainment

Arts, Media, & Entertainment focuses on skills and knowledge for creating, refining, and sharing work.

Building and Construction Trades Icon
Building, Construction & Trades

Building & Construction Trade prepares students for work in the local building trades and construction industry, including green construction and renewable energy.

Business & Finance icon
Business & Finance

Business & Finance prepares students for careers in fields such as business management, international trade, and various financial services specialties.

Education, Child Development, & Family Services Icon
Education, Child Development & Family Services

Education, Child Development, & Family Services provides students with preparation to pursue high-skill, high-demand careers in this industry.

Engineering and Architecture Icon
Engineering & Architecture

Engineering & Architecture is designed for students to explore design in the various engineering fields.

Health, Science, & Medical Technology Icon
Health Science, & Medical Technology

Students gain knowledge and skills to pursue a full range of career opportunities in health science and medical technology.

Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation Icon
Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation

Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation provides students with skills necessary to work in hotels, restaurants, theme parks, and other tourism related businesses.

Information and Communication Technology Icon
Information & Communication Technology

Information & Communication Technology provides students with analytical, design, and management skills.

Manufacturing & Product Development Icon
Manufacturing & Product Development

Manufacturing & Product Development provides students the opportunity to learn about manufacturing processes and systems related to technology, infrastructure, and art.

Marketing, Sales, Services Icon
Marketing, Sales, Services

Marketing, Sales, & Services includes a basic business foundation with a focus on marketing and innovation.

Public Services Icon
Public Services

Public Services prepares students for work provided to citizens, including emergency services, legal services and public safety.

Transportation Icon

Transportation provides a foundation in transportation services.