Longfellow Spanish Immersion Magnet School

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Features at a glance

Foreign language instruction

Special Olympics program

AVID college preparedness school

School-based sports and athletics clubs

Parent involvement programs, including a parent center

Wellness programs and onsite wellness coordinator

Safe and inclusive anti-bullying leadership programs

Before and after school care

Additional Visual and Performing Arts clubs, partnerships, and opportunities

Integrated project-based learning

Established in 1977, Longfellow opened as a total-school Spanish language immersion magnet school. In a total immersion language program, all schooling in the initial years is conducted in the foreign language. 

The following is a brief description of some of the unique experiences offered at Longfellow Spanish Immersion School:

GATE Cluster Program ( Grades 3-8)
The Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program is designed to identify, motivate, and challenge exceptionally bright and capable students. The GATE cluster program at Longfellow begins in Grade 3 and continues through Grade 8. Students are tested for GATE in Grade 2, 5 and 7. The district uses the Raven Progressive Matrices to identify gifted students. The Raven is a non-reading test of cognitive processing skills on how a student thinks, not the ability to memorize facts or possess a broad vocabulary. Once a student is identified as GATE, that student does not need to take the test again. The GATE coordinator is Diana C. Sanchez and the GATE Team leader is Patricia Fernandez.Literacy BlockAll students, grades K-8, participate in the district-wide literacy program. Three hours of the day are dedicated to literacy development through a balanced approach of reading, writing, and word/language study instruction.

Full Day Kindergarten
Kindergarten students attend school on the same schedule as the older students. This program is designed to help transition young students to the rigors of a full day with developmentally appropriate educational activities to facilitate reading, writing and math readiness for the first grade.

Our library is available for children to extend their reading and library skills. Our library assistant will be sending home information during the first week of school on how your child and you can use and support the library. The library is always in need of parent volunteers to help shelf books and help students during their library visits. Please contact the school if you are interested. Longfellow holds a Scholastic Book Fair during the year where parents and students can purchase quality Spanish and English books and help support the library.

Instrumental Music Program
A district-sponsored program brings instrumental instructors to the school to give instrumental music lessons to all students in grade 5. Instrumental music is a component of the California State Framework in the Visual and Performing Arts. Students' accomplishments are celebrated at the end of each six-week instrumental session by inviting their families to see them perform an informal concert.

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