Dual Language Programs

San Diego Unified School District's (SDUSD) multilingual programs are anchored to the three pillars of dual language: 1. Bilingual/biliteracy, 2. High academic achievement in both program languages, and 3. Social competence. Our dual language programs offer several options for students to acquire a second language.

Golden Hill students

We are proud of the fact that our Dual Language Programs create opportunities for students to learn to celebrate and honor diversity in people and use the classroom experience as an opportunity to connect socially and academically. Students enrolled in these programs have the opportunity to earn the California State Seal of Biliteracy. San Diego Unified foreign language programs include:

Two-way Dual Language Immersion

Two-Way Dual Language Immersion blends two language models. Both groups of students attend classes together, learning from and supporting one another while developing linguistic and academic competencies in two languages. A 50:50 program model includes an equal distribution of English and Spanish in Grades K-5. A 90:10 model begins with kindergarten spending 90 percent of the time in Spanish and 10 percent in English.


One-way Foreign Language Immersion

Foreign language immersion programs, also referred to as One-Way Immersion programs, are designed for English-speaking students to acquire a second language.


Developmental Bilingual (Biliteracy)

This program supports Spanish-speaking students. It develops high levels of academic proficiency in the students’ primary language while simultaneously developing academic language proficiencies in English.


Middle School Dual Language Pathway

Middle School Dual Language pathway programs offer coursework that support elementary dual language programs. Content courses are taught in the corresponding target language.


High School Dual Language Pathway