Wangenheim Middle


Features at a glance

Foreign language instruction

Career technical education courses

Special Olympics program

Ecology and environment learning programs

School-based sports and athletics clubs

Parent involvement programs, including a parent center

Support from a Military Family Life counselor

Supports for LGBTQIA students, including a GSA club

Wellness programs and onsite wellness coordinator

Safe and inclusive anti-bullying leadership programs

Before and after school care

Gifted and Talented Education


Wangenheim Middle School is located in Mira Mesa and draws its students from a racially and ethnically diverse community that includes many levels of English learners. Students of African, Asian, Filipino, Hispanic, Indochinese, and European descent create a rich mixture of cultures. Wangenheim students participate in rigorous curriculum designed to build essential skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. They experience a broad range of electives from Wood shop and Metal shop to video production, from Band, Orchestra, or Choir to Computer Coding and Cyber Security. Wangenheim students also perform well on standardized tests. We consistently score among the top comprehensive middle schools in the San Diego Unified School District.

At Wangenheim Middle School we educate all students to become productive, responsible, and well-rounded lifelong learners by creating a positive school culture of cohesive stakeholders (parents, staff, community, and students). To achieve our goals, we emphasize meeting the diverse academic, social, and personal needs of our students. In support of this work we include a high quality academic experience based on Common Core State standards, a diverse elective program, character education programs, counseling, personal management systems, and providing opportunities for extracurricular involvement.

We also emphasize a positive, integrated, student-centered transition from elementary to high school that stresses high expectations for academic achievement, acquisition of social skills, and responsible behavior through our PAWS program.

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